Global Entrepreneurs Organization

GEO is a for-profit, socially-responsible business that is focused on raising up “Sustainable Entrepreneurs”...

  • We are inviting entrepreneurs to get connected to a global community for their personal well-being and to promote sustainability wherever they may operate.  GEO is a place for support, training, mentoring and advocacy.
  • We are partnering with business leaders with an interest in fighting poverty, to join us in promoting ethical behavior and building healthy communities.
  • We are enlisting experienced business owners to help us by mentoring startup entrepreneurs so they can understand best practices, fair dealings, and equitable trading.

You are welcome to alongside of us to help fight systemic poverty, and become part of the solution.

GEO's Vision

GEO strives to reduce global poverty by creating both commercial and social value as a result of supporting and investing in entrepreneurs.

GEO's Mission

GEO leverages global resources to promote the discovery and development of sustainable entrepreneurs.

GEO's Objectives

As a resource to startup entrepreneurs, we want to:

  • Promote best practices based on “operating out of cash-flow” and “saving for the future”
  • Teach efficient, effective, and ethical business principles
  • Be valued by startup entrepreneurs as a partner in their success

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